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Our Engagement

  • April 27, 2014

    The Big Dinner

    Jonathan's mother and I decided on a day that both my family and Jonahtan's family could get together for an Easter Dinner. We had to work around a few dates, but we finally decided on the weekend after Easter. My family came in, and Jonathans mother welcomed them with opened arms, and showed them around the house. 



    During dinner in the backyard, there were WAY too many people that I did not recoginze. But I just assumed they were there for the occasion. I assumed this whole dinner was because Jonathan was swearing into the Marines. I honestly thought everyone was making a big deal out of it; he was only going away for a weekend. 



    Anyway, his father got up to speak on how proud of Jonathan he was, and a couple of other people said a few things as well; his father cried. lol. Then Jonathan goes up and says a little something. I remember him talking about how I was the missing piece to his puzzle, and I love puzzles, but he hates them. Then he says "So thats why Im going to ask Tanisha to marry me". And my exact words were "Wait, like right now?" 



    He walks to me, and gets on his knee and asks me again. All I could do was shake my head "Yes". I gave him my left hand, but he grabs my right and I told him "No, this one". 



    Thats my version of the story.

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